Rapid and efficient generation of T cell engaging multispecific panels via complementary Adimab technologies


Cory Ahonen, Nathan Sharkey, Melissa Durkin, Andrew Avery, Michael Battles, Beth Sharkey, Kyle Barlow, Arvind Sivasubramanian, Caitlin Stein, Bradley Lunde, Kevin Schutz, Bianka Prinz, Rob Pejchal, Paul Widboom, Eric Krauland

Pairing In Vivo Diversities with a Yeast-Based Platform for Integral Membrane Protein-Specific Antibody Discovery


Noel Pauli, Jiannan Li, Hannah Watkins, Kaleigh Canfield, Todd Boland, Cory Ahonen, Rebecca Niles, Robert Pejchal, and Eric Krauland (Adimab LLC, Lebanon, NH, USA)

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