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How We Partner

Adimab is a technology company and does not have an internal pipeline. We are solely focused on the success of our partners. Therefore, we approach every single project as if it were our own.


Therapeutic Partners


Therapeutic Programs


Clinical Advancements


Approved Products and Blas  Filed

Funded Discovery

Adimab generates therapeutic leads on targets selected by our partners. We have performed over 330 funded discovery projects for IgG and HCAb discovery, engineering, multispecifics (including T cell engagers), and therapeutic leads for complex targets, such as GPCRs.


Adimab works closely with our partners to identify goals for each project and meets monthly to review all work performed. Initial delivery of a panel of full IgG and/or HCAb protein and the corresponding sequences, plus comprehensive characterization data, is typically within 4 months. Our partners perform functional assessment of the delivered antibodies. Leads with desired functional properties can continue to be engineered to generate the highest quality therapeutics.

Platform Transfer

Adimab has transferred our proprietary yeast-based platform to six major pharmaceutical companies. These are large partnerships where Adimab trains and fully enables our partners to use the platform in the pharma company’s labs. Our partners have unique library diversities and therefore can work on any target of their choice and as many targets of their choice. Our transfer partners also have access to use our platform for engineering IgGs and other modalities, generating numerous types of multispecifics, and to find leads for complex targets. Our transfer partners have advanced more than 200 programs through the use of our proprietary platform.

Adimab also holds regular conferences for our platform transfer partners, where we fly scientists to a designated site (e.g. Iceland, England, Vermont) for 3 days of presentations and round table discussions. It has developed into an amazing community that allows for a deeper level of sharing and learning for all involved.

Non-exclusive Programs

Adimab has several programs that we license non-exclusively. Our T cell engager modules (CD3 and CD28) have been partnered with more than 20 companies. Our heterodimerization solutions for enabling numerous multispecific constructs have been partnered with more than 15 companies.

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