The Premier Biologics Discovery and Engineering

Who We Are

Adimab is the leading provider of biologics discovery and engineering, with a core competency in antibodies and multispecifics, generating more than 500 therapeutic programs over 15 years of industry partnerships.


Adimab’s best-in-class therapeutic discovery capabilities are made possible by our proprietary yeast-based platform, utilizing fully human synthetic diversity and immunized diversity to generate IgGs, single domain antibodies (HCAbs), and multispecific leads with remarkable specificity and developability profiles.


Adimab works with our partners to generate high quality therapeutic leads. Adimab projects consist of IgG and HCAb discovery, engineering of protein-based therapeutics, and the generation of multispecifics, including a robust T cell engager platform.


Adimab is more than a company. We are a community of people who care for one another.
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