Adimab Yeast-based Protein Engineering Platform


Engineered Yeast Strain
With more than 20 stable genetic modifications, Adimab’s technological foundation is its proprietary highly-engineered yeast strain. The modifications ensure high-quality protein expression of multi-domain biomolecules such as full-length IgGs. Harboring our proprietary human IgG and HCAb libraries, and other complex biomolecules such as soluble TCRs, our yeast strain maintains a stable diversity during propagation. 

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State-of-the-art Antibody Diversity
Adimab leverages proprietary, fully human synthetic IgG and HCAb diversities generated through AI- and ML-supported iterative design to recapitulate native repertoires and maximize functional diversity. Our design approach enables non-overlapping screening diversities that ensures a unique output and eliminates target-based gatekeeping. 

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Adimab - Robust Presentation and Secretion and Diverse antigen inputs

Robust Presentation and Secretion
Utilized in presentation mode, the yeast enables robust enrichment of the antibodies of interest. Utilized in secretion mode, the strain generates meaningful quantities of purified protein for downstream analytical assessment, functional testing and lead identification. Furthermore, expression in our yeast translates to favorable expression in mammalian cells, such as CHO and HEK cells.

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Diverse Antigens Inputs
Our process is compatible with a range of targets, including soluble, membrane-associated and membrane-spanning proteins, peptides, glycans, and cells. Adimab offers in-house antigen generation and analytical profiling to ensure a proper starting point for antibody discovery. Adimab has discovered and engineered antibodies against hundreds of diverse targets.

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Library-to-Lead Workflows


Knowledge-based Discovery
Adimab drives towards a partner’s desired profile with exquisite control using iterative rounds of MACS and FACS enrichment. A multiparameter assessment each round allows for an informed decision on how to proceed. Controllable properties include expression, affinity, species and/or protein family cross-reactivity, pH-dependence, polyspecificity, and more. As an additional path for challenging specificities such as membrane-obligate targets, Adimab utilizes novel immunization strategies followed by engineering single-cell and bulk immune diversity incorporation.

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Adimab has optimized over a thousand individual antibodies on the basis of specificity, potency, and/or developability. This robust process relies on AI and ML-guided library diversities, facile library incorporation into our yeast strain, and the ability to enrich towards optimized properties with real-time feedback from flow cytometry.  Along with standard IgGs from our platform, our engineering capabilities are compatible with external antibodies, antibody fragments/bispecific formats, and non-antibody proteins.

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Protein Expression and Analytics
From selection, hundreds of unique antibodies are expressed by Adimab yeast and purified for robust analytical assessment. Analytical assays include affinity determination (across multiple target forms and assay formats), early-stage developability metrics, binning, and benchmarking to existing mAbs when available. A comprehensive data package and protein material is then delivered to partners for functional assessment and lead identification.

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Adimab is recognized as a leader in early-stage developability assessment as evidenced by over a decade of experience in seeding our partner’s clinical pipelines, as well as numerous original scientific publications.

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Final Therapeutic Solutions

Adimab continues to support our partners once lead panels have been discovered and/or engineered. Services include providing transient CHO-produced material for functional assessment, developability assays to guide lead selection and formulation, as well as plug-in Fc mutations for enhanced antibody properties. Adimab also offers a suite of technologies for enabling your multispecific therapeutic program.


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