What We Do

Adimab’s best-in-class capabilities are made possible by combining our proprietary technology with our vast operational experience.

De novo antibody discovery and optimization

Adimab identifies de novo panels of antibodies including IgGs and HCAbs, using our proprietary diversities and guided selection techniques to drive towards a pre-specified profile.

Engineering antibody, TCR, and other therapeutic proteins

Adimab’s robust engineering capabilities, guided by AI and ML and years of acquired know-how, allow us to optimize lead molecules to the desired specification.

Multispecific technologies for final therapeutic solutions

Adimab combines proprietary multispecific technologies with robust analytics to support lead development on complex modalities.


Adimab’s best-in-class therapeutic discovery capabilities are made possible by our proprietary yeast-based platform.


We are solely focused on the success of our partners. Therefore, we approach every single project as if it were our own.
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